“Sarah and I have worked together for several years now and I am happy to recommend her. I am confident in her ability to deal with all manner of clients, those wishing to take a pro-active approach to their health, as well as those with persistent pain.”

Andy Graham - Osteopath

“If you’d like to combine Pilates on the highest professional level with a lot of fun, go ahead and book a lifetime of lessons with Sarah.”

Susanne - CHE

“Sarah's teaching is spot-on, whether in a small group or in a one to one. She has a great eye for detail, making sure you do the moves the way you should!”

Ruth - GB

“Sarah is always professional and prepared. Her classes are a joy. She’s great at working with the individual and adjusting exercises accordingly. After a class I feel relaxed and energized – I hate to miss them!!”

Susan - GB

“Sarah's always keeps Pilates interesting. Each session she surprises with something new, showing you things your body can do you didn’t know before!”

Petra - CR

“Sarah has the unique ability to make you feel like you're being personally instructed, even though you're in a group. I enjoy every single class.”

Polly - USA

“After my first session with Sarah I was hooked and joined her classes twice a week. I can't speak highly enough of her.”

Dixie - USA

“I can't wait to get up in the morning and go to Sarah's classes. I have been going for over three years and continue to feel the benefits.”

Carmen - USA


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